Max Cooper - Loop Topologies [LiveSet]

This is a live set I made for Dour Festival in Belgium, which I will be playing at on the 12th of July. There's a whole load of new stuff in this mix which hasn't been released or included in any other mixes before, including the first preview of my Michael Nyman remixes, and my next EP on Bodzin's Herzblut label. There's some tracks in there which I can't even announce yet, plus my remix of two of my favourite artists in the world, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm! I hope you enjoy it....

1. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - A2 - Max Cooper Remix (Erased Tapes) 
2. Microtrauma - Contrast - Max Cooper Remix (Traum) 
3. To Be Announced 1 
4. Dnyo - Aquatika - Max Cooper Remix (Microcastle) 
5. Michael Nyman - Secrets, acusations and charges - Max Cooper Remix (Last Night On Earth) 
6. Hugh Pascall - Absence March - Max Cooper Remix (DSCNCTD) 
7. Agoria - Panta Rei - Max Cooper Remix (Infine) 
8. To Be Announced 2 
9. Cream Sound - Sonata - Max Cooper Remix (Festival Lounge) 
10. Max Cooper - Ruptured (Herzblut) 
11. Ither - Cloud Complex - Max Cooper Remix (TBC) 
12. Phil Kieran - Church Organ Nightmare - Max Cooper Remix (PKR) 
13. Max Cooper feat. Get People - Careless (Last Night On Earth) 
14. Max Cooper & Jeet - Fisted (Herzblut) 
15. To Be Announced 3

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