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Diynamic will mark their fifth anniversary with a two-disc compilation of new material, all of the proceeds from which will go to charity. 

The Hamburg house label has a lot to show for itself from the past half-decade. Through its dozens of EPs and its regular nights at Ego (a club they opened) and around the world, Diynamic has forged a distinct signature sound and helped launch the careers of artists like H.O.S.H., Stimming and the label's head honcho Solomun. Five Years Of Diynamic acknowledges this milestone with all new productions. The first half features original tracks by label regulars like Ost & Kjex, DJ Phono and the aforementioned trio; the second collects new remixes of old songs by Gui Boratto, WhoMadeWho, Gus Gus and Hot Chip. All of the proceeds from the compilation will go to Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke, an organization that helps improve quality of life for terminally ill children. 

"We always had the idea to do something special for our 5 years compilation and that it had to be a charity CD to give something back," Solomun explains. "We are very thankful about how everything is running and when we heard about the Kinderhospiz in Hamburg we knew immediately that is the right one we are looking for and we decided to spend the money we earned with the project."

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