Ramiro Lopez - I Fall feat. Rene Armenta (Original Mix - January 2012)

Deejay and producer from Spain. His musical career began in 1996, however his interest in music awake since very little. This Spanish artist has performed in the best clubs of Spain, besides he has participated in leading festivals, playing with renowned DJs in the electronic scene. Funky, jazzy, groovy, house might be some of the sounds linked to Ramiro ́s musical style. Considered a dynamic and effective artist by many, he incorporates these traits in his sets which range from deep sounds to more dance floor tech house. His first productions date as far back as 2007, however is been certainly in the last two year that he has achieved the biggest success and recognition, at all levels. In the beginning†of 2009, he released his first single EP "Big up deep" in Mintgum Recs . This hit was backed with plenty of supports and includes in some compilations like " 3 Snapshots: Tokyo. compiled by Radio Slave. After this , he has been released in labels like Diynamic music, Cr2, Rebirth, Sincopat, Suara...to name a few.

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