Oliver Rado - I Feel So High (Original Mix)

Label: Be Free Recordings (http://soundcloud.com/befreerec)
Release Date - 2012-09-10
Album "Lay You Down E.P." available on:




Sometimes we think that to pay famous artists and remixers is the best thing for a label, but we don't realize that real talents are just around the corner. This is the case with Oliver Rado, a young talent from Hamburg that is going to debut on Be Free Recordings with an E.P full of powerful emotions. The seventh release is composed by two tracks that through their different styles, develop a variegated arrangement 'nudisco & deep' ''I feel so high'' and ''Lay you Down'' are two tracks suitable for every dancefloor and listening to them the first thing you have to do is 'close your eyes and dance'. If you like our job, please supports our label in your charts, blog, radios, magazines... 

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