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Adriatique are back with their second release on Diynamic, once again delivering prime juicy dance cuts with the smashing 'Bodymovin' EP' - sure to accompany the summers neon nights!

The opening track, 'Deeper Love', really sets the direction of the whole EP, full of irresistible groove and atmosphere. A warm and fuzzy synthesizer combined with that catchy "deeper love" vocal and a funky guitar riff will effortlessly enliven the crowd.

Next up, 'By Your Side' initially seduces with that wiggly sequencer bassline. After the first break the tune unfolds with a powerful electro pulse - the teasing blend of a deep, pitched down vocal, funky bent chords and a fizzing synth line resulting in a bona fide Bomb!

With 'Motions', Adriatique deliver another melodic masterpiece that really gets the body grooving. The slowest track on the EP, heavy bass tones, groovy shuffled hi hats and a deep, repetitive vocal loop makes a wonderfully warm dancefloor trip. The fourth and title track 'Bodymovin' brings the EP to a vibrant close with 80s style vocoder and a bouncing bassline to shake the floor with that special Diynamic endorsed magic.

Born in the mid-80s when house and techno artists were beginning to pave the way, Zurich natives Adrian & Adrian aka Adriatique grew up with the respective instrumental passions and turntable fascination that led them to pursue careers as artists. Meeting in 2008 and bonding over a love of mixing up styles in production and DJing, their entry into the Diynamic family came with the 2DIY4 various artists EP in 2011. Later 'Deep In The Three' was a highlight of the Diynamic053 VA and then debut EP dropped on OFF Recordings early 2012 gaining solid support all round.

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