Nicone & Sascha Braemer feat. Narra - Rej Senhor (Original Mix)

Label: Stil Vor Talent (
Artist: Nicone & Sascha Braemer
Release Date - 2012-10-29
Album "Nicone & Sascha Braemer - United Colors Of Language" available on:

Tracklist :

1. Rej Senhor feat. Narra (Original Mix)
2. Cold World (Original Mix) 
3. Raoui (Original Mix)

Last year's 'Romantic Thrills' album was testament to Niconé & Sascha Bramer's impressive knack for delicate melodies and soothing vocals, seamlessly woven into powerful house music thanks to the warm pulse of the kick drum. Here, on their new EP 'United Colors of Language', the duo delivers three stunning tracks to rival their previous output in both, romanticism and danceability.

On the A1, the vocalist Narra once again lends her fabulous voice to an arrangement of harmonious guitar loops and euphoric build-ups. Much like 'Caje' before it, 'Rej Senhor' sets itself apart as an all-round secret weapon that will work in the club or at an open air, during peak-time and after-hour alike. A little more forward, 'Cold World' loops a fluidly rolling piano towards a break in which Niconé's own vocals bedazzle. Finally, the pair draws us into an Algerian lullaby in the form of 'Raoui', which combines the empathy and melancholy of ethnic folk music with a hands-in-the-air groove.

With this standout EP Niconé & Sascha Bramer achieve what they set out to do -- they prove that music is the most powerful language of all!

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