John Talabot feat. Ekhi - Journeys (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)

Label: Permanent Vacation (

Release Date - 2012-11-30
Catalogue Number: PERMVAC0893
Album "Fin - Special Edition" available on:

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One of the best electronic albums of 2012, John Talabot's seminal ?Fin?, sees a ?Special Edition? release containing 9 remixes and previously unreleased tracks that let you explore more of Talabot's rich sound cosmos. Like "I Want Tonite", "Mai Mes" and "Tragedial" which only came out on limited 7"s on Hivern Disc. Or the previously unreleased LP version of "Matilda's Dream" and the atmospheric "Zanzibar" seamlessly join the sound of "Fin". As is obligatory for a decent birthday bash we also invited some good friends to join: Bullion, The Pachanga Boys, Bostro Pesopeo and Kenton Slash Demon all came to celebrate, bring their own flavor to it and make this to a hell of a party!

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