Just Emma - Rain Before Dawn (Original Mix)

Label: Underyourskin Records (http://www.underyourskin-records.de/)

Release Date - 2012-10-05
Album "Rain Before Dawn EP" available on:

Buy Digital at - (http://www.beatport.com/release/rain-before-dawn-ep/970435)

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1 - Rain Before Dawn (Original)
2 - Helmut Ebritsch Remix
3 - David Jach Afterhour Edit
4 - Timo Jahns Remix

Just Emma -- a new side project from Minimal Lounge addicted to soulful music. The first title comes with remixes from David Jach (Mangue Records, Keno), Timo Jahns (Freundchen, 9Volt) and Helmut Ebritsch.

About Underyourskin Records...

Danced by party nights, long Afterhours, sunny open-air festivals and anywhere in between, we come with our music. Young and new, melodic and danceable, joyful and melancholy, one could describe music with heart, which gets under your skin. Underyourskin Records was launched in summer 2011 by Alexander Klose (Minimal Lounge aka hermit) and Saskia Grekov as a platform for creative and musical achievement.

Underyourskin Records heart beats not only for music but also for children. As you know, can move with much music, the label supports the German Child Protection Association Berlin eV and works together with it on projects eligible children in Germany for good. This idea is of course supported by all musicians and artists of the label and thus contributes to each of the at his.

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