Adriatique - Life Is A Pitch (Original Mix)

Label: Cityfox (
Release Date - 2012-09-10
Album "Cityfox Circle 1" available on:

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Cityfox settles its powerhorse and sends a statement out to all music lovers. Coming straight through your speakers directly into your brain. Welcome to the Cityfox Circle. The compilation marks the creative sum of well-known label key players, close friends and new talents on the fox roster. Each track has a story to tell and reflects the various styles and tastes of the Cityfox mind. Coming in one hypnotizing part, this sampler of short stories is the beginning of the Cityfox Circle series. Music needs no further words, get lost in the deep tangle of fresh, warm and psychedelic rhythms.

Cityfox Biography:
The Zurich based label Cityfox focus' on good music. Always danceable, psychedelic and fresh electronic rhythms somewhere between techno & house.

Cityfox Ltd is a sublabel of Cityfox. The concept is not to have a concept. Its aim is merely to release music of high quality and make you feel good.

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