Kadasarva is a pioneering psychedelic electronica project  of Alex Volkov from Kiev, Ukraine.
Kadasarva appeared in 2003 as a meaningful expression of accumulated ideas and the next stage of development of early trials and experiments.
Stylistic preferences – the intersection of styles, jazz approach and a variety of variations.
Now he provides us with his latest album:

Steamagination is a tribute to the golden era of psychedelic trance, back when it began to evolve from the classic Goa trance of the 1990s into the high-tech industrial/mechanical sound supported by labels such as Flying Rhino, Twisted, and Blue Room.
To keep the sound authentic, no standard presets were used while recording this album, and all sounds and sequences were created by the author with analog synths and samplers, resulting in full-power old school psytrance with the sheen of modern production technology.
This album is a unique gift to all psytrance lovers who have followed this music from the beginning, and it’s offered to you professionally mastered at Overdream Studios with cover artwork by Kadasarva.

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