Adriatique - Ain't Nobody (Original Mix)

Label: Hive Audio (

Release Date - 2012-05-21
Album "Ain't Nobody" available on:!/adriatiquemusic

After their first hello on the 6 Years Hive Compilation, Adriatique are back on Hive Audio with a full EP. The Swiss-based duo recently released some remarkable pieces of music with amzing feedbacks and chart-postitions. The "Ain´t Nobody EP" shows a few typical Adriatique sounds, but has a darker touch. The Original A-Side is filled with some old school housebeats paired with heavy synth work, deep vocals & a rolling bassline which makes this track work for every time of the night or morning. Atapy´s Remix of "Ain´t nobody" goes into the same direction but delivers his very own interpretation. He put on the Atapy stamp through his characteristic synth-melodies. 100%% danceable. Then we have another Original Track from Adriatique. "Mind Games" is a heavy dance floor track with lots of content. Pretty much electronic with melodies and spoken vocals which really put mind games on the map. Overall all tracks are made for the club and will achieve their goal. Dancing not only with the body but also with the soul.

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